Make a Child's Wardrobe From Your Old Clothes


Make a Child's Wardrobe From Your Old Clothes
Page Topic
4 Introduction
5 Taking Your Child's Measurements
7 Girl's Dress From a Man's Shirt
10 Girl's Jumper From a Man's Slacks
13 Child's Cardigan From a Sweatshirt
16 Dress From a Wraparound Skirt
19 Girl's Mini-Dress From a Knit Shirt
21 Jacket, Skirt and Hat From a Sweater
23 Sweatpants & Cardigan From Contrasting Sweatshirts
26 Girl's Jumper From a Woman's Dress
28 Boy's or Girl's Sweat Suit From Sweatshirts
31 Backpack From a Sweatshirt
33 Vest From a Sweatshirt with Optional Hood
35 Recommended Resources

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