Make a Child's Wardrobe From Your Old Clothes


Make a Child's Wardrobe From Your Old Clothes

Children like nothing better than to dress up in their parentsí clothes. Now you can put those old clothes that no longer fit you to good use by creating a whole new wardrobe for your child, and save yourself lots of money at the same time! Use the ideas and instructions in this revolutionary book to create girlís dresses from menís shirts, jumpers from slacks, cardigans from sweatshirts, dresses from skirts and knit shirts, jackets, skirts and hats from sweaters, hooded vests and backpacks from sweatshirts, and much, much more. Plus, once you get the hang of renovating your old clothes into new outfits, youíll be able to create a multitude of styles and designs from your own ideas!  This book is not only a money saver, it's a real steal at only $12.95 - order your copy today!


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